I wandered over to the Sean Kelly Gallery on 36th and 10th ave. for the Marina Abramovic participatory installation 'Generator.' I always love wandering around this city especially on what looks to be the last day of warm weather. I arrived at the gallery and signed the waiver took off my sweater since they said it was warm in the space. Unloaded my jacket, sweater, phone, and watch into the locker. I was then escorted over to the wall of noise-canceling headphones and was blindfolded and fitted with said headphones. I was led into the room by the hand of the administrator and set free to wander. I was told at the beginning to move slowly, so I did with my hands and arms extended slightly in front of me. I could hear thumping which I assume were the other participants running into the walls. I actually only came across two other participants in my wandering. The first I kicked in the foot and they appeared to be what felt like sitting on the floor. The second was a man, who I felt with my fingers as I moved across his chest. Its interesting how intimate this all is to the touch and imagination. I then wandered on to come across a couple of walls. I moved slowly to the side, then changed my pace to very slow and moving forward. I could hear the thumping and my own breathing. I could see slightly the floor if I moved my eyes down, but I didnt want to ruin the experience by seeing the floor. I did not record the time I started which I regret because I have no idea how long I was in the space for before I raised my hand, signaling I had enough. I was then led out and headgear and blindfolds removed. I was then asked to record my experience on a sheet of paper and snap a photo of it then insert it into a slot. What an experience! I loved it. It was great to wander back into the city and ponder my experience on the way home. Looking forward to the lecture that evening at Dia by Erin Shireff on Donald Judd. Gawd I love NY!